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Nuru massage is a Japanese naturist massage

The Nuru massage is a very sensual massage that is practiced with a special gel instead of usual massage oil. This very smooth gel is based on seaweed; it allows very sensual movements between the two bodies. The Nuru massage is currently expanding in naturist massage salons in London. More than the body-body, the Nuru massage involves the masseuse, and the massé and the message is done not only by the hands but by all the parts of the body.

Practiced in salon, but can also be done at home, the Nuru massage requires at least two essential materials: first, you need the gel Nuru the essential element of this type of massage, then a waterproof house for your bed or mattress if you want to practice at home, so you do not put the gel on your sheet.

Nuru massage is performed with a special gel, the Nuru gel. This gel is made from Nori seaweed. This seaweed is famous in Japan for the different amino acids it contains, for its therapeutic virtues, especially against prostate cancer, and also to be a food that releases sexual energy. The term guru translates as “slippery.” Indeed, the Nuru gel is very slippery, especially in contact with water. This gel also has the advantage of being edible.

When Nuru massages, masseuse as massaged are entirely naked. Indeed, the Nuru massage is a naturist massage, specifically a body-body massage.

The body of the masseuse, naked, envelops that of the person massed. Her breasts, buttocks, the whole of her body can thus easily slip on the body of the massaged thanks to the gel.

Nuru massages are also punctuated with caresses, effleurages. Each part of the body is massaged carefully, with sensuality.

Why opt for Nuru massage?

The Nuru massage, very trendy, is a form of sensual and erotic massage. In this sense, it helps to awaken and release the sexual energy.

Besides, the Nuru gel, due to its components, is ideal for relaxing, toning the body and moisturizing the skin. It is also an effective detox cure.

In this respect, the Nuru massage is the ideal massage to soothe tensions.

In addition, it is edible, which makes it an ideal accessory for naughty games as a couple.

Like any erotic and sensual massage, the massage Nuru aims to awaken the senses.

Some positions and techniques adopted in the Nuru massage?

The Nuru massage has many positions that the masseuse and the massé can adopt. The essential thing is to awaken the imagination.

To start the session, the person massaged can lie on the stomach. The masseuse can then coat along with her body gel while massaging sensually, touching with the tips of her fingers every inch of skin massaged, every nook of her body.

Therefore the practice of Nuru massage is a practice of erotic relaxation.

She can also give some pressure to relax the person

nuru massage

Once the atmosphere is relaxed, the masseuse will also coat her body with gel and subsequently wrap the body of the massaged by hers. Thanks to the gel on the two people, the masseuse can thus easily slip on the body of the massé. She can massage with her breasts, rub her belly on her back. This body very sensual body allows to release the sexual energy, awaken the senses through massage Nuru.

Each massage movement is done in a slow gesture with gentleness. The important thing is that each speaker can make the most of each touch.

Indeed, a good sensual massage is a Nuru massage where each participant finds pleasure. It is relaxation, and joy for the masseuse. According to the desires, other positions can be adopted. The masseuse can, for example, lean back, lean on the thighs of the person massaged. In this posture, she can easily massage with her buttocks.

In any case, if there is a massage where standards are not fixed, it is the Nuru massage. Just be creative.


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