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Sex with puppets – a new trend in live sex cams

I was fucked by a puppet! This is what was written by a live sex cams model about her experience and she got some real shock delivered to a whole lot of people. She makes her money for living in a way where she has to perform horrifying and hilarious acts of se with a puppet who she calls Slappy. Now, this may sound very weird but this actually is what is into and this is why a lot of people are willing to watch her. Now, this girl was not at all embarrassed in telling her name and she described what she actually doing as part of her live sex cams chat.

 Well, her name happens to be Veronica Chaos, and she has her page that she owns an she does her performances on a live sex cams setup. She however does it not alone but with her partner who is not all human. It happens to be a puppet name Slappy, who she puts to use in showing her viewers vigorous sex in return for money. She got started as a nude stripper at a local club but she found that it was not very professional and that she really did not make any good money. Therefore, she thought of trying out something similar but from the safety of her home. Veronica got down to learning to be a live sex cams girl but all she could get was anything between 10 to 20 people only in her chatroom. Here name started dropping to page 2 from page 1 and that ended up spoiling her char rankings. Ahe soon realized that a lot of girls were doing it and that she needed to create something to grab the attention of the people watching.


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